We at Pioneer, give extra emphasis on organizing religious and devotional events and promoting the devotional and spiritual values across the society. We organize various small scale and large scale devotional events across the country. We have experience of years in organizing religious events and devotional function on different special occasions. We act as an active promoter of the Hindu culture and mythology and the spread the Hindu culture with the help of religious practices.

We help you in organizing religious and devotional events and provide all the necessary equipments and materials that are required materials to organize a devotional event. Whether it is booking space for the religious gatherings, flower decoration, Prasad preparation, pandal setup or promotion of the event in the society, we help you with everything.

We have experience in organizing grand events on some special religious occasions like Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Janmashtmi, Shivratri and Hanuman Jayanti.

Here are the events which we can help you in organizing:

  • ShrimadBhagvat katha
  • Ramcharit Manas
  • Sundarkand
  • Ramayan Path
  • Keertan
  • Hanuman Jayanti Path
  • Mayayagya

If you are looking for someone who can help you in organizing any religious or devotional event under limited budget in near future, Contact US at: +91-7303393016

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