Documentary film is the purest form of film. Documentaries are films that share some information or spread knowledge amongst the viewers. We have expertise in developing documentary films on various topics. The content of a documentary film should be informative and strictly concise. There should be no distortion of the facts. We keep all these things in mind while making documentary films. Documentaries are nothing but a sort of educational film, educating the audience about any specific topic.

We deal with different types of documentary film making:

  • Poetic Documentary
  • Expository Documentary
  • Observational Documentary
  • Participatory Documentary
  • Reflexive Documentary
  • Performative Documentary

Understanding the story

It is important to understand the motive of the documentary we are going to make. We understand the topic on which our client wants us to focus on.  We understand the nerves of the audience before starting with the film making.

Shooting the video

This phase includes shooting and compilation of videos and images at locations that go with the theme and suffice the needs of the story. We try to have as realistic approach as possible. We shoot educational films, animated documentaries and ethnographic film in the most-suited locations.


Preparing a script

Here comes the most important part. We have all the videos and raw information but it still needs to be processed. Before presenting the documentary film in front of the audience we mold the raw information according to a script in an organized manner. The sole purpose is that it should be engaging, informative and easy to be understood by the viewers.

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